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Recorded New Single!

Woo Hooo! Soo excited to be able to record my single “Re-Definition of Beauty” with friends who are also brother and sister in Christ šŸ˜€

I have had such anĀ awesome time jamming with them last Sat and recording today..

Recording this song which has been in the making since.. 2005. I had the idea for it.. humming along while walking to work from the bus stop.. Couldn’t quite put my finger on it.. Fast forward 11 years and I finally completed it end of 2 years ago.

Now the challenge was to find the people to be part of the band and a studio to record.. I wanted to have people who understood the vision of the song and the purpose of my music..

So after another 2 years later.. God provided the drummer, bassist, electric guitarist, back up singer and audio engineer, studio!

Also now since studying music, I know how to mix my own music but am also very blessed that a friend who is a pro is going to mix it for me šŸ˜€

So.. In all things.. It’ll happen in God’s time!! Be encouraged:) It’s been a LONNNNNNGGGG time coming but OH SO WORTH IT!^^

Oh yea.. Never thought I would be able to memorise a song that’s soo LONG! It’s like.. 3 verses.. 3 different pre-chorus and chorus and bridge!

After not doing much.. This year.. I will be working on my EP šŸ˜€ ReleasingĀ my single in theĀ beginning of the year.. followed by an EP at the end! WOooo HOooooo

Keep your eyes and ears peeled and I will let you know As Soon As Possible when I’ll be launching my single!



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