Mosaic Heart EP

7 Re-Definition of Beauty | Chords and Lyrics | Mosaic Heart EP

7 Re-DefinitionĀ of Beauty

Re-Definition of Beauty Melody and Chorus

Written By: Grace Utting

Verse 1:
Looking in the mirror,
I don’t like what I see.
Magazines and media,
they all surround me.
They tell me I’m not beautiful,
I don’t meet their definition of beauty.

The Mosaic Heart EP Has Yet To Be Launched Please check back after 7pm


If you have not already heard. I am having an EP launch today at 7 pm!

There will be dance, music and photography.

I’ll be peforming 4 of my originals from this album!

At 7pm you’ll have full access to the music score and lyrics for the Mosaic Heart EP

Here are the details!

Hope to see you there,