Image of Grace on a rail way track holding a guitar in a beautiful floral dress

It all began one July morning.. There was the cry of a new life… That new life was me, and the miraculous circumstances of my birth prompted my parents to call me Grace.

My love of music started at the age of two, when I began whistling, this progressed to singing and I have been in love with music ever since. When I was 12 my family and I moved to America. During my time there I developed an appreciation for Soul that I see as an influence present in all my music..I began studying the guitar when I was 12 at a music school. My study there was interrupted when my family moved to Australia. I did not allow this move to disrupt my love of the guitar, instead I became my own teacher, taking responsibility for my own learning and mastery. My passion for the guitar has been sustained and my love of music has now expanded to song writing. My love of music has now led me to be a singer, guitarist and song writer.

My song writing is always purposeful, I hope that my music will provide comfort to people in pain, bring smiles to sad faces and let people know they are not alone.
Through my music I hope to communicate to people that someone in this world feels the pain they feel, but more importantly that someone cares for them. I hope my songs bring a message that while life may be difficult at times you should never give up hope. My slogan; “To bring hope to a broken generation” is inspired by my heatfelt belief in the power that hope can play in our lives.

In trying to touch others with my music I draw inspiration from the trials and tribulations of my own life. Love, betrayal, rejection and brokenness are all experiences I have felt and lived through in my own life but I try to focus on the solution and resolution rather than the hardships themselves. I hope that by sharing my experiences that others are inspired to remain hopeful and positive. What I really wish for is that my life’s journey is communicated through my music and that others can share this experience with me.